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Graphic novels have been growing in popularity over the past decade or so. From a genre that used to consist mostly of long-form comic books, we now also have Manga, realistic fiction, fantasy, science fiction, poetry, and classic novels (Beowulf, Frankenstein, and Romeo and Juliet, for example). However, another genre that is taking off in the field of graphic publishing is non-fiction: biographies, current events, historical events, and science to name a few. This blog will focus on graphic non-fiction selections (and occasionally some very realistic fiction that borders on non-fiction), especially those that might be of interest to reluctant teenage readers.

I included the reading level if it was available, but all of these books are at a high school interest level; there are some disturbing images and profanity.  However, it should be noted that the books that deal with violence do not show the gory details and do not glorify violent behavior.

I am also not rating the books as good or bad, my intention is to only include books that are worthy and books that would be of interest to reluctant teenage readers.

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